1. Acceptance of the Conditions of Use

When using the website https://ants.vn of ANTS, Customers have automatically accepted Terms and Conditions of Use (herein referred to as “Terms of Use”) specifying as below. To get acknowledge our latest amendment or supplement, Customers should usually review “Terms of Use”. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete contents of ” Terms of Use” at any time. If customers continue to use the website, after such changes, it means you accepted with those changes.

  1. Properties of the information displayed

Contents displayed on the website are to provide ANTS’ products/services information to Customers.

  1. Indemnity

ANTS reject any liability or any guarantee about the website error operations, safety, uninterruptedness, or any warranty about the accurate, sufficient, and timeline information displayed.

By accessing this website, you have automatically agreed that ANTS, our partners and their representatives do not accept any liability in respect of injury, loss, lawsuit, direct damages, or indirect damages resulting from unintended or consequential damages of any kind arising from or regarding:

(1) Use the information on this website;

(2) Access links from this website;

(3) Register to receive email;

(4) Whether or not ANTS provide the services even if Customer is warned of the possibility of damage;

(5) Restrictions related to online orders specifying as follows.

  1. Conditions and Restrictions mentioned above taking effect in the boundary of current Laws.
  2. Intellectual Property Right

This website and any content arranged, displayed is owned and is ANTS ONLINE ADVERTISING SOLUTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY’s proprietary exploitation. All uses, quotes (if permitted) must not cause ANTS ONLINE ADVERTISING SOLUTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY any damages and must comply with the following conditions:

(1) For individual, non-commercial use only;

(2) Any copies or quotes must retain copyright marks or other intellectual property rights displayed on the original ones;

(3) All products, technology, or processes applied or displayed on this website are regarding our copyright or other intellectual property rights.

  1. Adjustments and amendments

ANTS reserve the right to adjust, edit, or terminate the operation of this website at any time.

  1. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Agencies

This “Terms of Use” is modified under the Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Court of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the sole authority to solve all related disputes.


Below is a legal binding contract with Customer and https://ants.vn to adjust terms and conditions of services proceeded or will be proceeded by https://ants.vn. In the case of any disputes or lawsuits related to provided Products/Services, these Terms and Conditions of Services will prevail. A Price Acceptance assures that Customer has read, understood, and agreed to be bounded by all terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

  1. Definition and Explanation

In this Terms and Conditions of Services, the following words, and terms will have meanings as below, unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) “Quotation” means a quote sent by https://ants.vn to the Customer and/or information displayed on the website;

(2) “Acceptance of Quotation” means Customers accepting a Quotation. This acceptance is expressed in written or in oral forms, including but not limited to the email, fax, telephone, and social media channels, in which Customers appoints https://ants.vn to perform Service;

(3) ” https://ants.vn/ANTS ” is ANTS ONLINE ADVERTISING SOLUTION JOINT STOCK COMPANY, established regarding Enterprise Registration Certificate No.: 0313229655 granted by Department of Planning and Investment of Hochiminh City;

(4) “Product/Service” means product/service appointed in Quotation and/or information displayed on the website;

(5) “Contract” means a contract including Quotation, Acceptance of the Quotation, Services Agreement or Ordering, and these Terms and Conditions of Services;

(6) “Customer” means an individual or business organization or his representative organization accepted the https://ants.vn‘s Quotation;

(7) “Working day” means any other day, exclusive of Saturday, Sunday, or public holidays in Vietnam;

(8) “Fees” means all of the payments must be paid for Product/Service provided;

(9) “Completed Product/Service” means all documents/services resulted in practicing the Services, finishing, and ready to deliver/provide Customers;

(10) “Website” means official websites of ANTS at  https://ants.vn.

  1. Quote and deliver/provide the services

(1) https://ants.vn reserves the right to edit the Fees and/or Date of Delivery/Provide the expected services mentioned under Quotation after receiving the customer’s request and consider relevant conditions regarding services provision finally. The customer will receive the notice from https://ants.vn any amendments and no works will perform by https://ants.vn without the consent from Customer concerning the difference with the original quotation.

(2) Except for the other provisions on Quotation, Fees in the Quotation covered Value-added Tax.

(3) Completed products/services are ONLY delivered electronically and through email under attached files or download links from the third-party hosting site (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox,  etc.), except for other provisions on the Quotation. Any deliver requests from Customer under hard copy (papers, CD, DVD…) and by mail will incur additional costs and time and will be informed to Customers before proceed.

(4) The expected completion time of the Completed Product/Service delivery is only valid after it has been confirmed in writing by https://ants.vn to the Customer and is calculated on Working Day.

(5) In case of a delay in the delivery of Completed Product/Service, https://ants.vn will notify the customer of the reason and be entitled to extend the time to complete the work. If https://ants.vn does not reach the grace period, the Customer will have the right to negotiate to reduce the Fee appropriately or terminate the Contract.

  1. Customer’s instruction 

(1) When requesting a Quotation, unless customers may supply https://ants.vn any instructions or specific requirements for Completed Product/Service, https://ants.vn will provide Product/Service in standard practices and procedures of https://ants.vn include the practices and procedures described on the website at the time Quotation is sent to Customer.

(2) Depending on types of Product/Service, https://ants.vn will have specific requirements for instructions and/or information provided by the Customer before delivering Product/Service. All Customer’s instructions must be sent to https://ants.vn by Customer timely, sufficiently, and consistently. 

(3) https://ants.vn is entitled to view all documents, information, provided by customers, which express exactly information and data used as the basis for the delivery Product/Service.

  1. Payment

(1) Customer will pay https://ants.vn all Fees applicable for Product/Services provided, through bank transfer, Debit/Credit cards, MoMo app, or in cash, with all transaction fee (include bank fee, sender bank, intermediary banks, recipient bank, MoMo application intermediary fee, a third-party fee as payment intermediaries) will be paid by Customer.

(2) Customers make 100% prepayment for all Products/Services that the customer requests https://ants.vn to provide.

To ensure the quality and timeliness of providing Products/Services to Customers, https://ants.vn designates the beneficiary account below to receive payment:

Bank Transfer:

Account Number: 0371000433120

Account Holder: ANTS Online Advertising Solution Joint Stock Company

At: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) – Tan Dinh Branch.

ANTS will periodically proceed to extract accounts, conduct cross-checking with payment intermediaries to conduct revenue accounting following the provisions of laws.

(3) In cases of the difference Fees, kindly notify https://ants.vn within 03 (three) days after receiving receipts or receipts will be deemed to valid.

(4) If https://ants.vn requires the services of a law firm, lawyer, or debt collector to enforce the collection of outstanding/arising Fees from the Customer, the Customer agrees to pay https://ants.vn all expenses and commissions paid to that law firm, lawyer, debt collection agency.

(5) Refund: 

If there have any errors arising from https://ants.vn‘s provision Products/Services, the customer will be considered to refund the payment or request https://ants.vn to provide the replacement Products/Services.

  • Terms of refund:  https://ants.vn may refund when (i)https://ants.vn confirms the errors during providing product/service procedures and (ii) receive the refund request from Customer. 

Refund request must include: Quotation Code, Invoices no. and date of Invoices, refund reason, and Bank account information receiving the refund amount.

  • Time of refund: Within 07 (seven) days, from the date of provision of the Completed Product/Service or the date https://ants.vn receives the Customer refund request. However, refund requests may pending 02 (two) weeks for investigation and handling. The response will be sent to the Customer after https://ants.vn confirms the refund liability or not. If any, https://ants.vn will inform Customer in written and payment transaction will be used for the refund amount.
  • Refund method: Depending on the particular circumstances, the refund amount will be transferred to the Customer’s designated credit card/bank account or by the method agreed by the two parties.
  • Charges for Refunds: https://ants.vn bears the cost of reimbursing for errors incurred in the course of providing the product/service.
  1. Contract Termination

(1) https://ants.vn is entitled to terminate the provision of Product/Service in the result from Customer violates the contract/”Terms of Use”. In this case, the customer may not be refunded Fees and hold the liability to pay all unpaid Fees related to services completed before the contract termination date.

(2) In case the Customer would like to terminate Contract without any https://ants.vn violation, you have to bear all unpaid Fees (if any) related to services completed before the contract termination date.

(3) If https://ants.vn breaches the contract, the Customer is entitled to terminate Contract with https://ants.vn and cancel any orders placed.

  1. Confidential information

(1) “Confidential information” means any proprietary materials, documents, secrets, and exclusive data disclosed by one party to others (include but not limited to Completed Products/Services), and does not include any information that (a) is in public areas; (b) the other party knows before receiving such information; (c) receives in good faith from any third party at any time after the date the other party receives such information; (d) required by law to be disclosed by the other party;

(2) The parties recognize the confidentiality of Confidential Information;

(3) Neither party may disclose Confidential Information, except (i) The directors, employees, contractor, or subcontractor to the extent essential to carry out the Contract; (ii) with the prior written consent of the other party; or (iii) for our consultants.


  1. Scope

The provisions below apply separately to the online ordering function on the Website. When using the ordering function, the customer automatically accepts and complies with all instructions, terms, conditions, and notice posted on the website, including but not limited to “Terms of Use” mentioned here. If you do not intend to purchase online product/service or agree with any of

  1. Conditions to use the online ordering function

The online ordering function is for personal and non-commercial use only. Customer is not authorized to adjust, copy, spread, move, display, operate, duplicate, publish, franchise, make connections, transfer, or do business from information, software, product or service derives from online ordering function.

The online ordering function will assist Customers in searching information and completing the purchase of products and services legally. However, if abusing this feature, Customers may be denied accessing or using.

Customers must affirm and assure that you are old enough to use online ordering function regarding “Terms of Use” mentioned here with full capability and authorization by Law to conduct the related use of this function. Customers accept the financial liability on their website use or any of individual or organizations ordering information use.

  1. Prices and Fees

The total payment includes Taxes, Fees are paid by Customers.

Besides, ANTS will not hold any liability with the arising fees according to the card-issuing Bank’s policies, payment intermediaries (if Customer selects the bank transfer or payment intermediaries method).

  1. Other provisions

https://ants.vn performs regarding Vietnam’s current Laws, with sufficient business license, tax code, tax records, invoices, and related documents.

All products, services provided by https://ants.vn must comply with full quality and legitimate base of products, exclusive of the products/services prohibited to do business, advertise under provisions of Laws.

Customers participate in the transaction, buying and selling with https://ants.vn are independent under the respect of legitimate rights and obligations of both parties.

https://ants.vn ensures the effectiveness, accuracy, and safety of all transactions.

The selling prices of products/services on the website are the official selling prices offered by https://ants.vn for Customers to refer and transact through the website or at ANTS office.

https://ants.vn may amend the prices of the above products/services or discontinue the sell/offer of one or more products/services at any time without prior notice (except the transaction made).

5. Use is strictly prohibited

Customers are not allowed to use the online ordering function to place unauthorized orders, make false orders with fake or dishonest information.

Customer is not entitled to:

  • Use the online ordering function for illegal activities;
  • Use the online ordering function to interfere with others’ access and use of this service;
  • Use other methods to transact online, collect information in the case unable to use the online ordering function.

ANTS reserve the rights of canceling this Customer’s function without any notices if you violate, or may violate this scope of use.